Dog Training Midlands

Dog training Midlands
Dog training Midlands

Perhaps you have had the experience of taking a walk in your local park. As you stroll alone taking in the sights and sounds you may have observed many a dog Walker. Most dogs seem to be behaving themselves very nicely trotting along on the lead or perhaps they have been allowed off the lead and are running back and forth sniffing everything in sight - but then there is always that one dog. You can’t help but be alerted to his presence through the screeches of his despairing owner calling out his name. He seems to be intent in dashing all over the place scaring small children and whipping away sandwiches from unexpectant picnickers. The owner seems to be at their wits end and you can’t help thinking how glad you are that this dog does not belong to you.

Are you perhaps the owner of a dog who has not been trained, or due to previous ownership is suffering from issues connected with mistreatment, abuse or neglect? If so it’s likely that your dog could be helped, through professional dog training. Midlands based dog training company, Naughty Pets, is owned by dog behavioural specialist Jenny Fox, who has more than 20 years experience in the field. Naughty pets have a team of professional dog trainers that can help you deal with any behavioural problems you might be facing with your puppy or older dog. Jenny Fox believes in using reward-based techniques to help you learn how you can develop and maintain an excellent relationship with your dog. Naughty Pets dog training, Midlands based, usually offer one to one session to enable your dog to progress at the fastest rate in a safe and trusted environment.

During the course of Naughty Pets dog training, Midlands based expert staff will also show your dog how to behave well on the lead which means that when you stop to chat to a neighbour in the street or sit outside at a coffee shop your dog will know how to behave. During their dog training, Midlands dogs will also learn how to respond to a command to go to a particular place such as his bed which is an essential skill for a dog when you may be expecting visitors at home. Our expert dog trainers will also teach your dog how to greet people by using their nose to touch a person’s hand in a gentle way. This is a mark of a well trained dog as it prevents them ever causing fear to people who do not like to be jumped upon or who are scared of dogs.

Is your puppy or dog in need of professional dog training? Midlands based Naughty Pets are a team of experienced professional dog behavioural therapists and trainers who love animals and want to see them enjoy that life to the greatest degree possible and bring joy to the families who care for them. Why not get in touch with us today.