Puppy Training Midlands

Puppy training Midlands
Puppy training Midlands

Puppies are arguably the most delightful of creatures that can bring huge amounts of fun and joy into any household. The fact is though those puppies require puppy training. Midlands based Naughty Pets, owned by Jenny Fox, are a team of professional qualified dog behaviour therapists specialising in helping dogs with various behavioural issues and in puppy training. Midlands puppy owners will want to do whatever it takes to ensure that their puppy grows up to be a well behaved responsive and happy dog who can bring the family many years of joy.

What are the benefits of puppy training? Midlands dog lovers will know that in the early days, weeks and months of your dog’s life it can be easy to get caught up in the cuteness of your puppy and perhaps fail to put some steps in place to ensure your dog grows up to be content, happy and an asset to the family. When it comes to a well-behaved dog early prevention of bad habits is far easier than fixing them once they have developed and set in. This does not mean of course that an old dog can’t be taught new tricks. Older dogs who have developed behavioural issues can certainly be trained to behave extremely well. Investing however in the early days of a dog’s life can help to ensure that those bad habits or behaviour issues do not develop in the first place.

What will be involved if you choose to invest in puppy training? Midlands based Naughty Pets will first pay a visit to your family home and will enjoy meeting all members of your family including your puppy or puppies in their own environment. The first session will likely take our trained dog behaviour therapist and puppy trainer at least 90 minutes. Thereafter perhaps three or four sessions lasting an hour long each will likely be required to complete your puppy training. Midlands puppy owners will then find they have all the skills they need to know how to teach your dog as he grows older to behave in a responsible way even helping him to learn fun tricks along the way.

A little investment in the early days of your dog’s life can reap rewards for his entire lifetime. Appropriate puppy training also helps to teach any children in the family the importance of caring for our pets and it can instil in children the value of hard work and commitment which is required in looking after any animals under our care. Whilst there is much information on line about how to train your puppy, the best results can be achieved when a professional trainer is involved. So why not consider professional puppy training? Midlands based Naughty Pets, owned by dog behavioural specialist Jenny Fox, are absolutely confident that their team of professional dog and puppy trainers will be able to help you get the very best out of your puppy or dog and you can enjoy many years of happy dog friendship!