Aec Vehicle Spares Denton

AEC Vehicle Spares Denton
AEC Vehicle Spares Denton

Are you maintaining or repairing a classic AEC vehicle? Are you looking for AEC vehicle spares to get your truck running well? Are you trying to find the right parts for a restoration project on an AEC vehicle? If the answer to any of these questions is ‘yes’, then you need the experts at Bernie Smith Vintage Vehicle Spares. They are the best supplier of AEC vehicle spares Denton has to offer.
AEC vehicles are intrinsically linked to British motoring history. To try to tell the story of British roads without AEC is to miss out a key element. The origins of AEC, or to use the full name, Associated Equipment Company, dates back to the mid-1800s. At a time when public transport was still evolving with the Industrial Revolution, the London General Omnibus Company, or LGOC, was responsible for the operation and regulation of horse drawn omnibuses, or buses to use the modern contraction. In 1909, they began manufacturing their own motor omnibuses. In 1912, they were bought out and took on the name AEC.
The real moment of breakthrough for AEC and their vehicles was the First World War. This conflict created a new level of industrial demand that the world had never before experienced, and AEC’s ability to produce vehicles quickly using a production line method was crucial for the British government which needed large numbers of lorries for the British army. The AEC Y-type lorry, a 3 tonne model, became widespread throughout the British military and was a common sight in Britain and Europe.
After the war, AEC continued with their production of lorries and buses, becoming a household name for both types of vehicle. By the time the Second World War arrived, AEC was the ideal choice for wartime production. Between 1941 and 1944, AEC produced about 10,000 vehicles for the British war effort, including adapted vehicles which had specific military purposes, such as pulling artillery or acting as an armoured command vehicle. Post war, AEC joined with Leyland Motors to expand the bus building capacity, and they remained a central player in the British transport industry.
In modern Britain, many classic vehicle enthusiasts love AEC vehicles. Some restore AEC vehicles to present them at AEC events. But this means that enthusiasts need to be able to buy high quality AEC vehicle spares. For AEC vehicle spares, Denton owners can turn to Bernie Smith Vintage Vehicle Spares. They specialise in a wide range of vehicle parts and spares, including AEC vehicle spares, Bedford vehicle spares and other commercial vehicle spares.
Because they are specialists in vehicle parts, Bernie Smith Vintage Vehicle Spares can help you find what you need. Denton customers will find many items in stock, but if it is not in stock, it is likely that they can source it for you. Whether you want cab fittings, clutch parts, steering mechanism parts, starter motors or something else for your AEC vehicle, Bernie Smith Vintage Vehicle Spares will find the spares you need.
For more information about AEC vehicle spares, Denton customers can use the contact link on the website.