Classic Truck Spares Denton

Classic Truck Spares Denton
Classic Truck Spares Denton

James looked at the classic truck on his driveway outside the Denton property. It was partly covered by a large tarpaulin as a protection against the weather, but he could still see the square outline of the cab, as well as the drivers side wheels where the tarpaulin had not been fully pulled down.
James sighed. He loved that classic truck. It was a 1969 Bedford J type. It had been originally owned by the Royal Navy and still had the original dark blue paintwork. The low bonnet, rising cab and short flatbed were a sight to behold. Just seeing the classic truck was a reminder of days past, and a piece of British motor history.
But for James, the value of the vehicle was more than its historical worth. The vehicle had been bought by his father and grandfather when James was still a boy. He remembered many Saturday afternoons spent watching the two men stripping parts off the vehicle, cleaning them and replacing them. When the part had been too badly worn, they had carefully tracked down the right classic truck spares and replaced each part. The truck had been a project of love as well as engineering.
In the years since James’s grandfather had died, his father had often commented fondly that working on the classic truck had brought the two men closer together as father and son. Now that James’ father had also passed away, the Bedford J Type was left sitting on the drive. Every time James looked at it, he remembered the good times spent working on it, and he wondered if he could continue the project with his own son. The Bedford classic truck was a talking point in the local area. When he went to the shop in Denton, people would occasionally ask him what he was planning to do with it.
James made a decision. It was time to make a start. But how would he track down the spares he needed? He turned on his laptop and typed the phrase “classic truck spares Denton” into a web search engine. Bernie Smith Vintage Vehicle Spares came up in the search list, and the website description showed him that they specialised in selling Bedford classic truck spares. They were even based near to Denton! Perhaps getting the truck restoration project going again would not be as hard as he had expected, James thought to himself with a smile.
James is a fictitious character, but his experience is not. James exemplifies what many of our customers are looking for – classic truck spares near Kettering and Denton.
If you are looking for classic truck spares in the Denton area to help you with your own classic truck repairs or restoration, look no further than our well stocked online store. We carry all types of classic truck spares, including Bedford and AEC spares. For more information about our range of classic truck spares, Denton customers can contact us easily using the link on the website.