Aec Vehicle Spares Kettering

AEC Vehicle Spares Kettering
AEC Vehicle Spares Kettering

From the bustling heart of London to the market square in Kettering, these days we think nothing of hopping on or off a bus. But in the 19th Century a company in London became an icon of vintage motoring and a popular choice for modern vintage vehicle collectors.
The Development of the AEC Vehicle Model
Long before Karl Benz produced his two-stroke internal combustion engine, the London General Omnibus Company (LGOC) was founded in 1855 to manage the various horse drawn omnibus services that were springing up across the capital. In 1909 the company’s chief engineer, Frank Searle, produced the first engine powered bus for the company at their engineering work in Walthamstow and soon they were making what is generally considered to be the first commercial vehicle to be mass produced. With transport in the city changing rapidly, the LGOC was reorganised, and anything bus related was set up under a separate concern called the Associated Equipment Company, or the AEC.
By the start of the first world war in 1914, AEC were producing other models of commercial vehicle alongside their buses. AEC’s lorry design was quickly taken up by the British army and so the AEC vehicle production line was introduced. By 1916 a 3-tonne truck model was introduced, and AEC had well and truly cemented their reputation as a builder of buses and lorries.
In the second world war the AEC vehicle base was remodelled into an armoured car, anti-tank gun base and an anti-aircraft gun. The AEC lorry vehicle chassis was remodelled into the Matador artillery tractor because of their reputation with front wheel drive technology.
In the domestic arena AEC dominated the commercial vehicle market, particularly for buses. These days the image of a classic vintage bus is dominated by the 1957 AEC Regent 5 and the 1961 AEC Routemaster, and those and similar models are still huge favourites with fans of vintage transport. Many are still in use at classic car shows and museums of industry. AEC have earned their place in the hall of fame for vintage vehicles, and many are still kept in good working condition for photos and as a beautiful vintage wedding vehicle.
AEC Vehicle Spares Kettering
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