Vintage Vehicle Repairs Kettering

Vintage Vehicle repairs Kettering
Vintage Vehicle repairs Kettering

There is something beautiful and magical about a vintage vehicle. When a classic car pootles past with gleaming chromium and pristine detailing it is a joy to behold, and we are momentarily transported to a bygone era of cheerful nostalgia. If you have the opportunity and privilege to own a vintage car the joy is even better. Whether lovingly touching up the paintwork, cruising through the neighbourhood or seeing it enjoyed by fellow fans at a classic car meet, being the keeper of a vintage vehicle is a lot of fun.
Any classic car fanatic or petrol head knows the joyful growl of their vintage vehicle engines. Jaguar’s straight 6 is a fan favourite, deep and smooth. The vintage engine was the power behind 5 Le Mans wins between 1951 and 1957, and it gave the glorious Jaguar E Type its contented purr. Anyone with an eye for cars will easily recognize another classic engine by sound alone; the Volkswagen Beetle’s air cooled flat four was a masterpiece of design, not because it was exceptionally fast or powerful, but because it made vehicle repairs easy and manageable anywhere in the world with the most basic hand tools and vehicle parts. Between 1936 and 2006 VW made somewhere between 20 and 30 million of these little engines, and classic car owners still love them because they can easily manage their own vintage vehicle repairs!
Talking of vintage vehicle repairs, one of the most fun and most daunting parts of owning a vintage vehicle is looking after it and keeping it working. Vintage vehicle owners either need to know a good mechanic or be ready and willing to get well acquainted with their garage floor. Fortunately, vintage cars tend to have much simpler engineering than their modern ancestors but depending on the model you may need some specialist knowledge to manage specific tasks. The more challenging part of maintain a vintage vehicle is managing to get the right parts for vintage vehicle repairs.
Kettering is home to Bernie Smith Vintage Vehicle Spares, an expert supplier of parts for all sorts of classic vehicle types including rare models of Bedford vans, AEC lorries and buses, and of course vintage Fords. These types of important vintage vehicle are not only rare in themselves, but the parts needed to repair them are even rarer. A big part of maintaining a vintage vehicle is about keeping it true to itself. Anybody could buy a vintage Ford vehicle chassis and stick a modern V6 engine under the hood, but we all know that it would no longer be a truly vintage vehicle. Repairs need to be with original parts or carefully researched reproductions to keep the vintage vehicle repairs genuine and meaningful. Sourcing genuine parts is vital to vintage vehicle repairs.
Kettering based Bernie Smith Vintage Vehicle Spares provide genuine, top quality parts for vintage vehicle repairs. Kettering, Cumbria or else ware in the UK, Bernie Smith sells through Ebay making parts easy and safe to buy.