Bedford Vehicle Spares Kettering

Bedford Vehicle Spares Kettering
Bedford Vehicle Spares Kettering

Before Britain’s roads were jammed nose to tail in traffic jams, and before six lane motorways cut up the countryside, the highways and byways of the country were the home of some amazing vehicles. These days cars roll off production lines with hardly any human interaction, and beneath the hood many different brands share the same chassis and engine block. Sure, vehicle spares might be easier to get, and vehicles are definitely safer and more practical, but there is something so noble, so endearing about classic cars and vans from the hay-day of British motoring.
Bedford trucks and vans are the diesel beauties of any classic car rally. In 1931 General Motors set up Bedford Vehicles as a commercial vehicle producer and brought a range of light, medium and heavy trucks to the international market.
The Bedford vehicle range quickly took over the commercial market with its innovative overhead-valve (OHV) six-cylinder engine, later called the ‘Stove Bolt 6’. The smooth, powerful new engine design formed the basis for generation of the Bedford vehicle range and soon the base model was adapted to a range of roles including ambulances, vans of various sizes, buses and lorries.
The power of the Bedford vehicle came into its own during the second world war and almost the entire production of the Bedford vehicle factory went into producing trucks and engines for use by the army. The classic Bedford vehicle models were quickly adapted to military use, but mostly just needed cosmetic changes. Soon a Bedford vehicle was doing everything from transporting troops, moving anti-aircraft guns, pulling tankers and some were even installed with machine guns! One experimental design was engineered with tracks to handle battlefield terrain.
After the war was over the company continued to maintain a solid production line and it was only in the 1970s that the Bedford vehicle range started to have to compete with the Ford Transit. Despite that many utility companies and businesses continued to use variations on the Bedford van.
With its iconic look, solid, dependable work-horse engines and starring role through the history of transport, it is no wonder that the Bedford vehicle, be it truck, van, lorry or otherwise, is still a hugely popular choice for collectors of vintage motors.
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