Beford Truck Spares

Beford Truck spares
Beford Truck spares

Find What your Bedford Truck Needs at Bernie Smith Vintage Vehicle Spares
Here at Bernie Smith Vintage Vehicle Spares, we strive to offer you only the best spare parts for your Bedford Truck. We understand the importance of high-quality pieces that can prolong the life of your sturdy truck for years to come. But we don’t limit ourselves to just selling the parts. We also provide assistance from the moment you pull-in to when you are ready to drive out. We’ll do all the necessary maintenance to guarantee you the ultimate driving experience no matter how old your truck is.
Bedford Truck Spares
Our business is proud to cover a unique niche, specialising in components for trucks and buses from international manufacturers, including AEC, Ford, and Bedford. Regardless of whether you are looking for spare clutch pedals, exhaust valves, or cylinders, be sure to find in stock.

What you’ll find

In our selection, you can find:
Handbrake Cables
Front Wheel Cylinder Repairs Kits
Exhaust Valve Guides Sets
Clutch and Brake Pedal Rubbers
Crankshaft Pulleys
Two Speed Adaptor
Inner tubes
Much, much more

At Bernie Smith, we know how time-consuming it can be to retrieve the right quality parts that fit even the most navigated models of Bedford Trucks perfectly. This is why, while heading to our store, you will notice that we include a wide selection to take care of the needs of any van, from the Bedford 330 to the 214 models.
Our Customer Service
Aside from offering you one of the broadest selection of spare parts for Bedford Trucks, here at Bernie Smith Vintage Vehicle Spares, we are proud to provide all our customers with fantastic customer service.

And is not us saying so! Head to our eBay page to find a 100% feedback record. We aim to dedicate our full attention to any client and their vehicle, regardless of how demanding or easy-to-solve the issue might be.

Alongside the warm welcome and friendly service that you can find here, you can also trust our expert hands. Indeed, each member of our professional team of mechanics is ready to put their years of experience at your service. So, we can work together to repristinate the performance of your Bedford truck.

Find what you need on our online store
Check out our online store, where Bedford Truck owners can find information regarding each piece, as well as the specifications to make sure it is suitable for your Bedford truck. However, we understand that your job is to enjoy the drive, while ours is to make sure you can do so in all safety and comfort.

That is why you can contact us directly through our email address, phone number, or eBay messaging system. The team at Bernie Smith will be delighted to assist with all of your questions and to find solutions suitable to your needs in case you could not find what you were looking for.

Alternatively, feel invited to pay us a visit at our store in Kettering, Northamptonshire, where we can take a closer look at your truck and come up with the best solution for your budget and preferences.