Vintage Vehicle Repaires

Vintage Vehicle repaires
Vintage Vehicle repaires

Here at Vintage Vehicle Spares, we specialise in providing parts for classic trucks and buses but did you know our experienced team also offer a wide range of repair services?

We thrive on ensuring we take the utmost care over your vehicle and ensure it leaves the store in a pristine condition. We know that your classic vehicle holds many memories, whether it's been a hand down from a loved one, or a project you have been working on for years. If you are unable to continue or you're struggling with a particular repair, then we are more than happy to repair it with high-quality parts.

You only have to look at our 100% eBay rating to see how much our customers love us. The parts we choose are to ensure its best fit your vehicle. We don't use just any parts we guarantee that we want the best manufactures providing us with the best components such as AEC, Bedford and Ford.

Our extensive range of parts includes (but not limited to) spares for forklifts and tractors as well as ball joints, innertubes, lights, indicators, cables, king pins, speedo generators, control boxes, speedos, gauges, filters and steering parts. Our brake parts include expanders, adjusters, cup seals, hoses and repair kits to allow your vehicle to run like clockwork. If your clutch has seen better days and needs an upgrade, then we can provide plates, slave cylinders and repair kits to repair your vehicle.

If you have noticed a fault with your car that has raised some concern, then our specialised team can take on various repairs. We love to diagnose the problem and allow your vehicle to drive smoothly, keeping your vehicle on the road to enable you to continue to live your dream.

We appreciate how annoying it is when there is a fault with your vehicle, so using our repair service can transform your vehicle with a new lease of life.

Inspecting your car regularly for any lights showing on your dashboard to any abnormal sounds or movements. This is essential to allow repairs to take place before it escalates. Leaving these problems can intensify. We would love to take the pressure off your hands and repair them for you.

At Vintage Vehicle Repairs, we have quality skills and abilities from steering and suspension to a wide range of mechanical repairs to take the worry off your shoulders. You can depend on us to do a perfect job every time.

If you are unsure what to do with your vehicle's problem, then we are more than happy to check it out and have a look for the root of the problem and advise what can be done to move forward. We know that it can be daunting when something doesn't feel right as that fear of expense comes to mind, but with Vintage Vehicles, we will give you an honest, fair price to ensure your vehicle runs for years by our specialised team that is eager to help.