Aec Vehicle Spares

AEC Vehicle Spares

Whether it’s a new dynamo or drivetrain for your AEC bus or truck, we’re here to help. At Bernie Smith Vintage Vehicle Spares, we specialise in seeking out and providing AEC spares to our customers across the UK. If you’re looking for spare parts for your vintage truck or bus, you’ve come to the right place.

Restore Your Vintage Vehicle With Our AEC Repairs

Restoring a vintage vehicle to its former glory can be an exciting and rewarding experience. Nothing is quite like bringing trucks, buses and tractors back to life and reliving a time gone by.

With us, you can get AEC vehicle spares for all kinds of purposes. With our wide selection of parts, you can restore a vehicle for business, a holiday, or because you’re passionate about AEC as a brand.

The number of AEC vehicles on the roads today is in decline. Keeping them operational is often a full-time job that requires a lot of dedication and expertise. At Bernie Smith Vintage Vehicle Spares, we’re local experts who understand everything that there is to know about these exceptional vehicles. If you need quality advice and parts, speak with us today.

A Huge Choice Of AEC Vehicle Spares Available

As vehicles get older, things can go wrong with them. Practically any part can fail and require replacement. It’s a good thing, then, that we stock an enormous range of spare parts for your AEC vehicles. With us, you can get wiring for AEC vehicles, tyre inflators, crankshafts, check values, gear shifters and much, much more. Take a look at the stock on our website today, or give us a call to find out whether we have a particular item in our inventory.

Choose Bernie Smith For AEC Vehicle Spares Today

While there are many companies, purporting to offer AEC vehicle spares, you never know whether you can trust them not. With our expertise and history of providing genuine replacement parts to customers throughout the UK, we’re the number one choice for AEC spares. Check out some of the reasons that our customers choose us below.

Wide range of AEC vehicle spares. Stocking the spares you need for your AEC is a top priority of ours. That’s why we offer an enormous range of spare parts for AEC vehicles stretching back many decades. With us, you can get a wide variety of components that are hard to find elsewhere.
Excellent customer record. Our customers love what we do. That’s why we have an impressive eBay feedback score. We deliver the goods that our customers need every time.
Expert advice. Knowing which part to replace and how can be a challenge. Our team has specialist knowledge of vintage vehicle spares for AEC models and can advise you on which items to choose.

Buy AEC Vehicle Spares Today

Are you looking for quality AEC spares? If so, take a look at our stock today and find the part you need.

Remember, you can always call us on 01536 511471 or email at to find out more.